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Cagayan State Medical University

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A pedestrian order caused the merging of two colleges in the year 1978 - The College of Arts & Trades and the Northen Luzon State College of Agriculture which gave birth to Cagayan State Medical University. In the year 1993, the College of Medicine and Surgery was started after a prolonged process of appeals and denials by the authorities and institution. Later in the year 1995, the APMCF (Associate of Philippines Medical Colleges Foundation)announced that this University has the potential of becoming a fully-fledged Medical University providing high quality education. Cagayan is the only state run Medical University in the Cagayan Valley.

Faculty And Courses

Cagayan State Medical University offers a wide range of graduate and post graduate, health and vocational programs. This University offers two main courses - Masters in Public Health and Doctor of Medicine which follows a traditional curriculum. The hospital associated with the university offers high quality facilities of healthcare as well as authorized training and teaching faculty. This results in providing excellent and varied health and medical services, giving candidates an experience of a wide nature and in-depth knowledge. The university is also affiliated with other hospitals of repute such as Veterans Memorial Medical Centre, AFP General Hospital, East Avenue Medical Centre and San Lazaro Hospital. Faculties include - Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Caregiving, Midwifery, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Medical Technology, Medical Technology,Occupational Therapy, Radiology Technology and Radiology Technology, Respiratory Therapy.

Staff And Teaching

The primary language of teaching is English. The University currently has enrolled a total number of 32,000 students in its various departments and colleges.