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Ulyanovsk State Medical University

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Ulyanovsk State University was initially established as a branch of Moscow State University. In 1995, this branch of Moscow State University in the city of Ulyanovsk was transformed into Ulyanovsk State University. In a short time, the university has shown high educational standards and scientific potential, which has allowed this university to occupy a key position in the educational and scientific space in the region. The medical faculty of Ulyanovsk State University is composed of about 40 Residential Doctors, 15 scientists, 25 tutors and more than 150 medical staff. The priority of Ulyanovsk State University is international cooperation, the university is successfully operating the Russia-American and Russian-German faculty currently. 17 departments of the Faculty of Medicine trains more than 1,000 students in the field of Medicine and Pediatrics. More than 2,500 students have already graduated from this university. The university meets all the teaching standards of the Russian specialities and uses modern technology teaching and learning methods. Today, Ulyanovsk State University has students from nearly 30 countries.


  • Faculty of General Medicine is one of the oldest and most respected faculties of Ulyanovsk State University. Along with training high-quality doctors in their own country, the faculty took on the initiative to train Foreign students, which has also made the University one of the popular choices among Indian Students for doing MBBS From Russia. Every year, to do their MBBS From Russia, more than 100 Students choose Ulyanovsk State University. The Ulyanovsk State University also offers Dentistry and Language Courses as well, along with General Medicine.